song of air
site-specific composition and live performance by Jen Reimer
Talk and reception:
Aug 30
Humboldt & District Gallery
601 Main St.
August 31
1-4pm & 6-9pm
Humboldt Water Tower
407 3 St.
**pre-registration required**
Performances are scheduled in 30-minute intervals (1:00, 1:30 etc.) during the afternoon and evening.
Space is limited.
To register and for more information: call: 306-682-5226
or email:
Admission is by donation, with a suggested minimum of $5/person.
All proceeds go towards the tower's upkeep.

Song of Air is a site-specific composition and live performance by Jen Reimer composed for the Humboldt Water Tower. In May 2022, Jen spent three days recording the sound of the wind as it activated the resonant frequencies of the tower. The tower became a resonant filter, transforming the wind's movement into musical tones, timbre, rhythms, and subsonic vibrations. There are melodies in the air.

On August 31, Reimer will transform the tower into a large-scale musical instrument using loudspeakers and tactile transducers that vibrate the material structure of the tower in a meditative and embodied experience of sound and space. Please join us for her live performance, which captures a unique auditory experience of the Water Tower.

Thank you to the Humboldt Water Tower community and volunteers, Travis West, Joonhee Lee, Camelia Layachi, Maggie Tiesenhausen, Nucci, Nancy Wright, Max Stein, Jennifer & Brent Fitzpatrick, Gascia Ouzounian, Kara Keith, CT Thorne, Gambletron, Sandeep Bhagwati, Gabrielle Couillard, Gwynne Fulton and Daniel Villegas VĂ©lez for your collaboration and support.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.